Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

Actually it probably isn’t, but it’s what my garage said after doing a considerable amount of welding on my aged camper van and cautioning me that it wouldn’t go as fast any more!

Having reached a point where decay occurs much faster than replenishment, I have decided to commit some of my mental mutterings to the ether so at least I will have access to them at a later date.

The origin of my website title came from the many occurrences  of  “Wheels of Steel” which litter popular culture, referring to anything from discos to motor vehicles and suggesting power and speed, (except when applied to touring ancient rock bands, shaking their withered old butts to 40 year old hits).  I realised early on that my ride through life would more likely be undertaken on wheels of rust and, far from concerning me, this has been a source of satisfaction.

Having just taken retirement, I now have time to take some of the disparate fragments that I seem to have accumulated and see if they can be assembled into anything worthwhile. Like a box of bits from an auto jumble, I suspect what is missing will be of greater significance than what is passed on, but one lives in hope of realising something that may be of some interest, at some point, to someone.

All matter suffers from degeneration and I feel qualified at last to offer my commentaries as an active participant in these processes.




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